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The first-ever leggings specifically designed for female goalkeepers.


Constructed with 5mm PORON XRD ergonomic pads on thighs, along with light-weight anti-turf burns panels on the knees and legs, these leggings protect you in every area exposed to the risk of impact or abrasion.

Laced with premium thermal microfibers for warmth and mobility, and include a built in shin guard pocket that locks the pad in place to eliminate distractions and unnecessary weight.

Waistband includes a utility pocket to hold small objects such as your phone, keys or performance tracker.

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping Too early man, you do that two minutes before kickoff, and trade high hopes for growing disappointment when that player\’s team doesn\’t get the ball first. Then there\’s a seven minute opening drive. Then they go three and out. Good explanation. Something I struggle to find the words for when I try to explain my disdain towards party politics. Which is why the only thing I would add to this is that, in my experience, far too few people do is to consider your riding candidates, personally Cheap Jerseys free shipping.

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