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The Nike Ordem 4 FIFA Soccer Ball (Size 5) is made with a durable 12-panel construction and features Nike Aerowtrac grooves for a more accurate flight on the field.


  • Nike Aerowtrac grooves and 12-panel designfor accurate ball flight
  • Fuse-welded, synthetic leather casing for optimal touch and maximum response
  • Compressed polyethylene layer stores energy and releases it atlaunch
  • Cross-linked foam layer ensures aconsistent, soft feel in all conditions


  • Two-year stitch and shape guarantee
  • Materials: 40% synthetic leather/30% rubber/20% polyester/10% cotton
  • Color: Yellow/Purple


  • Size 5: Ages 12 and up
  • Size 4: Ages 8-12
  • Size 3: Ages 8 and under
  • Size 1: Skills ball
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wholesale nfl jerseys The other one goes \”I want to make a cocktail with bleach in it.\” And then they put in some bleach, get sick, and die. Which of them was stupider? The second one. Because there nothing inherently wrong about drinking something with tequila in it. \”Shoot it into the sun\” is already established as an effective destruction method for the protomolecule. Building a complex tool that can exist and function inside a star is basically impossible. Using magnetic fields from orbit around the star would require an absolutely massive amount of energy to overcome the magnetic forces of the ionized stellar plasma and even if you could generate such magnetic forces you pull the entire star apart in the process, destroying its utility as an energy source wholesale nfl jerseys.

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