Free Logo Evaluation for Embroidery

If we have said it once around the offices at Customized Guys, we have said it a thousand times.  Not every logo transfers well to embroidery.  So why is that?  It is simple, really.

A vast majority of logos are created in one medium-on a computer with a white background.  Makes sense, right?

The challenge we have for embroidery is that putting thread on material is a different medium that putting ink on paper or looking at pixels on a screen.  You see, thread has three dimensions.  It has height, width and depth.  Ink on paper or pixels on a screen only have height and width.  Doesn’t sound like too big of a deal, right?

It is a big deal when you are trying to embroider a logo on a shirt.

But the fact that logos get embroidered on all kinds of items and that thread has dimension is something that isn’t always considered in the logo creation process.  Therefore, many logos get created that have elements that cannot be recreated in embroidery.  Some of those elements include small text, drop shadows, color gradients and small details in graphics.

The reason logos get created this way is simple.  Very few graphic designers and business owners understand the technical limitations of putting thread on material.  During the logo creation process, they are focused on creating a logo that best represents the company.  They don’t always take into consideration the embroidery process.  And frankly, we wouldn’t expect them to do that either.

That’s why we created the free logo evaluation process as a service to our customers.  Because we have embroidered thousands of logos over the years, we have a pretty good idea of what will embroider well and what won’t embroider well.

When a logo is sent to us for embroidery evaluation, we can look at it and fairly quickly spot any elements that may cause a challenge in embroidery.  That gives us the opportunity to address those issues with the customer up front before they ever place an order.

This creates a conversation, a discussion that takes place between Customized Guys and the customer where we work together to get the best possible outcome. We both want the same thing-for the logo to look great when it is embroidered onto a shirt or cap.

At the bottom of our free logo evaluation page you can see a few examples of how we adjusted logos so they would embroider well but still retain their integrity.

This service is offered free of charge.  Of course our hope is that the customer decides to place an order with us based on this interaction.  But if they choose not to for any reason, that’s OK.  It’s part of the process.

So if you are unsure about how well your logo will transfer to embroidery, give your free logo evaluation process a try.  It will give you information to make a better decision for purchasing embroidered logo apparel.

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