I need two logos embroidered on a shirt

Sometimes one logo is not enough. Sometimes you need another logo embroidered onto a polo shirt or a button down shirt, sweatshirt or jacket. Can that be done? Absolutely. What does it cost? It depends.

All of the prices on the Thread Logic website include the embroidery of a logo in one location. The additional cost to embroider a second logo or other relevant information is an additional cost.

A second location of embroidery on a shirt can be used in a number of situations. Sometimes that second embroidered logo is a specific product brand, or a corporate parent logo. It can also be a marketing association or co-op marketing association where both companies would benefit from having that second image embroidered on a shirt.

Or a second location of embroidery could be relevant information like a tag line or url address.

Here at Thread Logic, the prices posted on our website include the embroidery of your logo. That cost is included into the price of the shirt-pretty simple concept. The second embroidered logo or second location of embroidery does cost extra.

The cost to embroider an additional logo is based on the quantity of shirts you order. In smaller quantities, less than 50 pieces, the cost embroider a second logo is $5 per shirt. As the quantity goes up the costs go down.

Something else to consider in that cost decision is the process of setting up that logo for embroidery. At Thread Logic, our basic logo set-up charge is $40. However we waive that cost with every $300 of merchandise in an order. For example, if you have a $600, we would waive the set-up cost of 2 logos. That is flat fee and not one dictated by number of stitches or number of colors in the logo.

If that location is just text in a block font, there is no set-up cost.

As you can see, the cost to embroider another logo onto a shirt is very reasonable and something you might consider next time you are ordering logo embroidered apparel for your company.

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