Stain resistant logo wear can save your business money

Stain resistant logo embroidered apparel is advancement in technology that can really help your business save money while keeping your employees looking great in front of your customers. For companies with employees who are in situations that are prone to spills and stains on their logo polo or logo button down shirts, stain resistant properties are a necessity.

For companies in these industries, putting your employees in stain resistant apparel will save you money in the long term by not having to replace them as often.

Stain resistant button down shirts and polos are some of the most common types of clothing that are made with this great feature. Modern stain resistant shirts allow you to simply wipe off anything that is spilled on the shirt without leaving a lasting stain. This means things like coffee, juice or soda can be wiped off; and once dry, will show no signs of a stain being there. This is fantastic for wait staff, hosts and bartenders that have to keep their look professional for an entire shift.

Stain Resistant Polo Shirt

Some of the best applications for custom logo embroidered stain resistant work wear are food service, day care providers, janitorial services, or just about anything where spills or stains might compromise the professionalism and appearance of employees.

Manufacturers are using a few nanotechnology methods for making logo embroidered clothing water and stain resistant.

A company called Nano-tex modeled their method to make clothing and upholstery fabrics water and stain resistant after the way fuzz on a peach repels water. Nano-tex is using what they call nano-whiskers. Similar to the fuzz on a peach, these whiskers are tiny hair-like projections that cause liquid to bead up and roll off the surface of fabric.

These whiskers are aligned along spines using what the company refers to as molecular hooks. This system of whiskers and hooks make the fabric more durable but does not make it less breathable (meaning that the material still lets air in and out so you don’t feel like you’re in a sauna).

Stain Resistant Button Down

Not only does this treatment repel spills and help remove stains easily, it extends the life of the fabric and provides long lasting protection.  That means the shirts last longer and reduce the amount of times they have to be replaced-saving business money in the process.

You may be wondering how nana treatments affect the feel and softness of the material.  One of the advantages of treating the fabric this way is that is does not alter the basic makeup of the fabric itself.  The fabric will maintain it natural softness and breathability.

When you are looking for the perfect dress shirt or polo to customize with your restaurant or company’s logo, take advantage of the additional protection and extra life you’ll get with stain resistant shirts. You will save a great deal over the years.

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