What are fade resistant embroidered polo shirts?

We have all at it happen. That great black or navy logo embroidered polo shirt that you loved and wore all the time now doesn’t look as good as it once did. The black looks more like a dark gray and the navy, well it just doesn’t look like the same deep navy color.

When it comes to logo embroidered apparel, polo shirts are far and away the most popular style. And dark colors like black, navy, maroon and forest green all sell very well. But those colors are susceptible to fading over time and a number of washes.

When you have a logo embroidered polo shirt that represents your company or organization, you want it to look great for as long as possible. It represents your company and as those dark colors fade over time, it reflects poorly on your organization.

Fading happens mostly with shirts that are made of 100% cotton. All colors of polo shirts actually fade, but is most noticeable with dark colors.

Cotton is a natural fiber that is dyed to create the color. Over time, when the shirt is worn and washed, the dye will naturally release from the fiber and the result is color that has faded.

Poly/Cotton fade resistant shirt

The best solution to avoid this fading or color loss is to choose a polo shirt for your embroidered logo that is made with all or some polyester.  Polyester is a man-made fiber and is manufactured in a specific color.  The fiber starts out as black and therefore stays black.

Another good option are polo shirts made with a blend of polyester and cotton.  Again, with the mixture of the polyester fiber in the fabric, the shirt will still look good over time and a number of washing’s.  If one of these shirts were worn over a very long period of time, the color will probably show some signs of fading, but the impact of the fading will be reduced.  It will simply look better longer when compared to 100% cotton.

Fade resistant-100% cotton

Now, before we get too down on 100% cotton golf shirts, there is new technology that is being used today that will reduce and/or eliminate fading in cotton shirts.  The fibers in the fabric are treated during the manufacturing process to reduce the release of the dye from the fibers.  This technology has been met with some success and continues to be refined.

The day of golf shirts fading over time is most likely to an end.  But for now, if fading has been a problem for you, consider shirts that are made of a material that will reduce or eliminate the problem.

Here are some of the best fade resistant polo shirts we sell that are great for an embroidered logo.

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