What’s the difference between a constructed and an unconstructed cap?

In every product description on our website Thread Logic related to caps, you will see the one of these two terms; constructed or unconstructed. You will also sometimes see the terms “structured” and “unstructured”. It is one of the most commonly used terms to describe a cap style and it is also some of the most questioned.

Customers always ask us what those terms mean when it comes to caps with logo embroidery.

The answer is actually fairly simple to understand.

In a constructed cap, (pictured at right) there is a piece of material called buckram that is placed in the crown(the area just above the bill) of the cap and it helps the crown hold its shape. One of the most common examples is that of a baseball style cap.

As you can see in the picture, the crown in this cap has a distinct shape. The buckram holds the crown up giving it a more formal or uniform look.

In an unconstructed cap, (pictured at left) that piece of the buckram is not used. Therefore, the crown of the cap is lays more flat against the forehead. It is a less formal or more casual look for a cap. Some people call these floppy caps.

As you can see, the crown on this cap is not as smooth or has a distinct shape like the constructed cap in the picture above.

Constructed caps are great if you are looking for a more formal, uniform or athletic look for your company logo.

Unconstructed caps tend to be more casual and informal looking. People also seem to really like the way these caps fit on their head. That’s why you will see more people wearing unconstructed caps than constructed one.

At Thread Logic, we sell way more unconstructed caps than we do constructed ones.

As you can see the logo embroidered cap you chose has a lot to do with the kind of look you are trying to achieve. We also recommend thinking about who will be wearing the cap. Are they more likely and/or comfortable wearing a certain style? Very few women wear constructed caps outside of an athletic team so you may take that into consideration as well.

Either way, embroidered caps are very functional and a great way to promote your company or organization with beautiful logo embroidery.

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