Order your baseball caps, hats & visors with embroidered or raised letters online

Caps & Visors Baseball caps are not just for the ball player on the field. Anyone can wear a baseball cap with their favorite state or national team’s logo displayed with embroidered & raised letters. Select from a wide range of colors in any style of baseball cap, like: Comfortable baseball caps, hats, and visors … Read more

What is “Pique” and how is it pronounced?

It happens almost on a daily basis.  A customer calls with a question about a polo shirt they want to use for their embroidered logo.  Invariably the shirt has the word “pique” in it and they stumble trying to pronounce it. That is really easy to understand.  It’s one of those words that have no obvious pronunciation.  When … Read more

Why the material matters in logo embroidery

One of the biggest challenges we face when working to embroider a logo onto a polo shirt, cap or other piece of apparel is the fact that embroidery has its limitations.  The physics of embroidery sometimes get in the way of being able to recreate a graphic logo in embroidery.  When compared to printing a logo on … Read more