Buying unisex size polo shirts for women

In the “old days” of custom logo embroidered apparel, women found it difficult to find polo shirts and other items made specifically for their body shapes.  At the time, it was mostly men who wore logo apparel, so the manufacturers made styles mostly for men. In those cases, women had little choice but to wear men’s sizes and styles.  … Read more

Why we love this shirt-K800/L800

All polo shirts available for custom logo embroidery are not created equal. Sure the basic shape, construction, material, etc. are the same. The differences in one polo shirt from the next can seem small but they can make a real difference between one you really like and wear all the time and one you that decorates a wall in your closet. … Read more

What are the differences in cotton material for a polo shirt?

Cotton polo shirts are the staple of any company’s custom logo embroidered apparel toolbox-and for good reason.  Cotton is a wonderfully natural product that makes for a great pallet for a logo embroidered golf shirt. A polo shirt’s construction is the core of its existence. It affects the way a shirt drapes, how comfortable it is and how well it holds up … Read more

What is color blocking on polo shirts?

Like just about everything else in our world, there is constant change in fashion.  New styles, new colors, the changing taste from consumers all drive changes in fashion.  That is true as well for the custom logo embroidered apparel as well.  The latest trend in style in this market is something called color blocking. In the past, … Read more

What’s the difference between sleeve types on a polo shirt?

It’s not the kind of question one asks every day.  But as fashion trends come and go, the finish on the sleeve of a polo shirt has really brought some attention to those seeking custom logo embroidered apparel. There are basically two ways to finish a short sleeve on a golf shirt.  For years, a very popular way to … Read more

What is “Pique” and how is it pronounced?

It happens almost on a daily basis.  A customer calls with a question about a polo shirt they want to use for their embroidered logo.  Invariably the shirt has the word “pique” in it and they stumble trying to pronounce it. That is really easy to understand.  It’s one of those words that have no obvious pronunciation.  When … Read more

Can I iron over my embroidered logo?

You have a nice logo embroidered polo shirt or a nice button down with your logo embroidered on it.  You want to keep them looking nice and crisp which usually means ironing.  But you aren’t sure if you can iron over the embroidered logo on the shirt. Well the simple answer is yes you can iron an embroidered logo.  In … Read more

Real world first impressions drive purchase decision

My wife and I are in the beginning phases of a kitchen remodel. That process will include all new appliances. One of our choices for purchasing these appliances is a local, family-owned company that has a big presence and a very good reputation in the Twin Cities area. The Warner’s Stellian brand reputation was upheld … Read more

What is the best material for a polo shirt?

This is a question we get asked often from customers seeking to purchase logo embroidered polo shirts. It is a simple question and as with many simple questions, the answer is not very simple. The two most common fabric materials used in the manufacture of polo shirts are cotton and polyester-or some combination of the … Read more

What does ‘preshrunk’ mean?

One of the challenges we all face when choosing a shirt to wear is the sizing and fit. An important consideration in that decision is any potential shrinkage of the material. We have all bought logo embroidered shirts, washed and dried them only to have them shrink up to the point where we can’t wear … Read more