Why does custom embroidered sports jersey take so long?

This is a question we get asked almost every day. It’s a good question and one for which there is a logical answer. Actually, creating custom embroidered sports jersey does not take any longer than it did ten years ago. Part of the answer is that our expectations have changed. With Amazon Prime and companies like Zappos, … Read more

More logo embroidered apparel available in tall sizes

It never fails, you are charged with purchasing custom logo embroidered shirts for your company. A quick survey of the group reveals that Joe in IT needs a tall size. So you think, “No big deal, there should be plenty of styles available in tall sizes that can be embroidered with our logo.” Then you go do … Read more

Why we love this shirt-K800/L800

All polo shirts available for custom logo embroidery are not created equal. Sure the basic shape, construction, material, etc. are the same. The differences in one polo shirt from the next can seem small but they can make a real difference between one you really like and wear all the time and one you that decorates a wall in your closet. … Read more

What is color blocking on polo shirts?

Like just about everything else in our world, there is constant change in fashion.  New styles, new colors, the changing taste from consumers all drive changes in fashion.  That is true as well for the custom logo embroidered apparel as well.  The latest trend in style in this market is something called color blocking. In the past, … Read more

What is a stitch count and why it doesn’t matter

If you have ever needed to have a shirt embroidered with your logo, you have most likely encountered the term “stitch count” or “thread count”.  While technically they mean different things, in the context of embroidery, many people understand them to mean the same thing. Stitch count, in its simplest form, is defined as the number of … Read more

Can I send you items to embroider?

Probably once a day we get asked the question by a customer if we will embroider their logo onto an item they will send to us.  It is easy to understand why that question comes up.  Sometimes people have or purchase something and would like to have their logo embroidered on it. In other cases, a business owner finds … Read more

Why custom embroidery for your logo apparel

There are many methods to put a logo onto a piece of apparel.  Companies and organizations who wish to display their brand can choose from a wide array to ways to decorate a shirt.  You want to make sure you are choosing the right method for your company. Embroidery remains one of the top methods of logo … Read more

Can you match the PMS colors in my logo?

Your logo is your company’s signature.  It is one of the most important elements in building your company’s brand image.  Therefore, it is very important to consistently use your logo in different mediums whether it is embroidery, signage or advertertisng.  If you don’t it can lessen the effect of your marketing efforts. Most logos consist of three … Read more

Why the material matters in logo embroidery

One of the biggest challenges we face when working to embroider a logo onto a polo shirt, cap or other piece of apparel is the fact that embroidery has its limitations.  The physics of embroidery sometimes get in the way of being able to recreate a graphic logo in embroidery.  When compared to printing a logo on … Read more