What does “wrinkle resistant” mean?

When shopping for custom logo embroidered button down shirts, you will undoubtedly see the term “wrinkle resistant” attached to many different styles. The number of “easy-care” button down shirts and their popularity as logo embroidered shirts has grown significantly over the last few years. In fact, we at Customized Guys sell more easy-care type shirts … Read more

Stain resistant logo wear can save your business money

Stain resistant logo embroidered apparel is advancement in technology that can really help your business save money while keeping your employees looking great in front of your customers. For companies with employees who are in situations that are prone to spills and stains on their logo polo or logo button down shirts, stain resistant properties … Read more

How is a tall size different from a regular size?

If you are a guy who has tried to purchase logo embroidered apparel and you need a tall size, you probably already know the difference between a tall size and regular size. For you, a tall size logo embroidered polo or button down shirt fits better. That is probably about all you need to know. … Read more

What does shrink resistant mean?

It’s happened to all of us at some point. We order a custom logo embroidered polo shirt. It arrives and it promptly goes in the wash. Excited, you go to put it on only to find out that is has shrunk and it now too small for you to wear comfortably. Very frustrating, I know. … Read more