More logo embroidered apparel available in tall sizes

It never fails, you are charged with purchasing custom logo embroidered shirts for your company. A quick survey of the group reveals that Joe in IT needs a tall size. So you think, “No big deal, there should be plenty of styles available in tall sizes that can be embroidered with our logo.” Then you go do … Read more

What are rapid dry shirts and do they work?

In recent years the advent of rapid dry or moisture management material has become very popular for embroidered logo apparel. We sell a lot of these types of shirts-mostly in polo shirt styles but use of this material in t-shirts, sweatshirts and other garments are gaining in popularity. We still get questions from customers about … Read more

Get blank samples of logo embroidered shirts to get the size right

One of the biggest challenges when purchasing custom logo embroidered apparel over the Internet is getting the proper sizing and fit. We at Customized Guys understand that challenge. We want your logo apparel to fit as well as you do. Because when you look good, we look good. One tool that is available for customers … Read more