4 reasons to consider logo embroidered backpacks

Have you noticed the number of people carrying backpacks around these days? And it is just not students or young people. It is business people and professionals who have once again discovered the utility and value backpacks can provide whether travelling for business or just carrying your stuff to the office each day.

In this article we will explore four reasons logo embroidered backpacks might make sense for your company or organization.

For backpacks, it all starts and ends with utility and versatility. There are a wide range of styles and colors available. You can find just about any pocket configuration to hold those specific items you carry around on a regular basis. Whether it is a laptop, a tablet, files, papers, water bottles or just about anything else, you can find a backpack that will carry your stuff.

Backpacks make for a great tool to promote your brand with an embroidered logo. Most logo embroidery on backpacks takes place on a pocket. Whether being worn on the back, over the shoulder or sitting on a seat next to you on the bus, the logo is very visible to everyone around you. A great opportunity to build your brand.

Depending on where it is carried, a backpack will produce tens of thousands of impressions a year. And all of those impressions and exposure are good for your company and brand.

Here is something else to think about as you consider the third reason. Most backpacks get used almost every day. At minimum a backpack gets used a few days a week. A custom logo embroidered polo shirt may only get worn once before it has to go into the wash. But a back pack is always on the job, always being seen and that creates many more impressions for your brand.

Finally, logo embroidered backpacks make great gifts. They are less likely to be rejected or disliked by people due to style, color or size when being given away. One of the challenges in giving away an embroidered polo shirt is the variety of sizes you need to fit everyone who might get one. If someone gets a shirt as a giveaway and it is the wrong size, style or color for them, in all likelihood, they won’t wear it.

With a backpack, those problems are eliminated and it is more likely to that it will get used and carried around.

As you can see, backpacks make for great utility, exposure and value for your marketing efforts. Consider a logo embroidered backpack today.

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