Can I iron over my embroidered logo?

You have a nice logo embroidered polo shirt or a nice button down with your logo embroidered on it.  You want to keep them looking nice and crisp which usually means ironing.  But you aren’t sure if you can iron over the embroidered logo on the shirt.

Well the simple answer is yes you can iron an embroidered logo.  In fact, we recommend it in many cases.  There are two important things when ironing over an embroidered logo on a shirt.  The first is to following the ironing instructions on the shirt.  Follow the recommended heat levels and you should be just fine.

The other important factor is just common sense and that is to not let the iron sit on the embroidered logo too long.  There you go, that’s it.  Nothing more complicated than that.

So why do we recommend running an iron over a logo on a shirt?  Some logos embroidered onto some types of material can cause the material to be a little wavy.  In that case, ironing will flatten out the logo and keep it looking good for a long time as well.

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