Checkpoint friendly bags pull double duty

For years, companies have used briefcases, backpacks and bags to carry their embroidered logos and brands across the world when they travel.  But after 9/11, the rules for getting those bags and their contents through the airport changed.

If you have ever travelled through an airport with a laptop computer, you have been asked by airport security to remove that device from its case before going through security.

A couple years after screening requirements changed, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) defined a way to make it easier for travellers with laptops to go through security without compromising security.  What followed was the creation of the airport or checkpoint friendly bag.

An airport friendly laptop bag allows airport security to clearly see the laptop while going through the x-ray machine and detect if there’s anything suspicious. These airport friendly laptop bags are designed to make it easier to go through airport security without its user or the TSA screener taking the laptop out of the bag. This in turn saves time for the passenger and other passengers waiting in the security line.

The TSA defines checkpoint friendly laptop bags by three designs: butterfly style, trifold style and sleeve. All three designs allow for an unobstructed view of the laptop being screened through the security x-ray machine.

The laptop must be able to lie flat on the x-ray belt with nothing above or below it. Nothing should be obstructing the x-ray machine from viewing it – no buckles, zippers, metal snaps or pockets.

At Customized Guys, we sell a number of these bags that we can embroider your company logo onto.  I really like the OGIO bags.  Putting your embroidered logo onto these bags not only helps promote your company and brand, but it also makes it easier to locate your bag.

Here is a great example of a backpack by OGIO that opens in the butterfly style.

I actually own one of these bags and use it when I travel.  It works great and I have never had an issue with the screening process.

At right is an example of a sleeve style.  The laptop fits into a sleeve and when you get to the security checkpoint, you pull the sleeve out like it is shown here in the picture.

So travel with your electronic devices in style, promote your logo and/or brand and make the airport screening process easier with one of these checkpoint friendly bags.

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