Making Impressions with Logo Apparel

In the world of marketing and advertising, impressions are everything. I am talking about the number of impressions made with your company logo or advertising message. Impressions are the number of people watch a TV show, pass a billboard, read a newspaper ad, see your sign, etc.

The concept is simple. The more impressions made the better chance your brand image will be seen and remembered by enough people who may do business with you and/or your company.

It’s a numbers game-the more impressions, the better.

So how many impressions can an embroidered shirt make for your company?

Let’s do some simple math. Say you wear your logo apparel every day to work. In the course of your daily activities you encounter 50 people. That is 250 impressions a week or 12,500 impressions a year (250 times 50 weeks). Not bad.

An industry trade magazine recently conducted a study that asked people to keep an informal count of their contacts during a normal day. The goal was to see how many people (impressions) can be made by wearing logo apparel.  The following is a typical example of their findings.

An owner of a financial services firm in Minneapolis reported a count of 346 impressions per day. Sound like a lot, here’s the breakdown: 37 contacts while walking the dog in a local park, 19 in the coffee shop, 26 while in a conference meeting, 43 while running errands, 57 while making a presentation and 164 at a kids basketball game.

So here is the math: 346 impressions a day, 1730 impressions a week and 86,500 impressions a year.

Now, here is the best part. Those impressions are very economical. An average price for an embroidered shirt is about $25. So you purchase 5 for the hotter month and 5 for the colder months you have an investment of $250. At 86,500 impressions a year, each impression costs you just $.0028.

Even if your impressions are half of the example (43,250), the investment per impression is still just $.0057 each. Talk to anyone in advertising and they will tell you that is a real bargain.

Now, what if you outfit all of your employees and each employee encounters a similar number of people each day. That is a lot of impressions and a great marketing value.

Don’t underestimate the value of logo apparel to promote your brand. This sample proves the point that logo apparel delivers a very good return on investment.

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