Embroidery vs. Screen Printing

There are a number of methods to decorate apparel but by far the two most common are embroidery and screen printing (aka silk screen or serigraphic).  However, they are very different in terms of their application, benefits and situations in which you would use one over the other. Embroidery is basically defined as decorating fabric using … Read more

Pricing for Custom Logo Embroidery

Pricing custom logo embroidery services can be a very daunting and confusing adventure. So you are ready to purchase some embroidered logo apparel. You go a Google search and find a number of companies from which can meet your needs.  You find a shirt that will work for you company so now you want to know the price.  … Read more

Free Logo Evaluation for Embroidery

If we have said it once around the offices at Customized Guys, we have said it a thousand times.  Not every logo transfers well to embroidery.  So why is that?  It is simple, really. A vast majority of logos are created in one medium-on a computer with a white background.  Makes sense, right? The challenge we … Read more

How Big Will My Embroidered Logo Be?

That is a question we often get asked when someone is interested in buying custom logo embroidered apparel from us at Customized Guys.  And it is a very good question.  If you want your logo embroidered on the left chest of a shirt, size matters, right?  Too big and it will out of proportion and goofy on the … Read more

Don’t confuse material weight of a shirt with quality

It’s a question that comes up with customers.  For generations, it has been engrained in our national psyche that the weight of something is a reflection of the quality of that item.  For the most part the perception is the heavier something weighs, the better the quality of that item. That is only natural as … Read more

Tone on Tone Embroidery Can Make Your Logo Look Special

Many people chose logo embroidered apparel for identity reasons.  They want their company logo to stand out on a shirt and be easily seen from a distance.  That helps build a brand, create identity and confidence with customers that they are dealing with a professional individual or company. Sometimes however, being seen and standing out is not … Read more

What is “Pique” and how is it pronounced?

It happens almost on a daily basis.  A customer calls with a question about a polo shirt they want to use for their embroidered logo.  Invariably the shirt has the word “pique” in it and they stumble trying to pronounce it. That is really easy to understand.  It’s one of those words that have no obvious pronunciation.  When … Read more

How hard is it to remove an embroidered logo from a shirt?

This is another question that gets asked of us often.  There are a couple scenarios where this question comes up.  The two most common are people who have a shirt they love, but it has a logo on it that they really don’t care for. The second scenario is a company already has some logo embroidered … Read more

Changing embroidered logo colors for different colored backgrounds?

One of the biggest challenges we face when working to embroider a logo onto a polo shirt, cap or other piece of apparel is the fact that embroidery has its limitations. The physics of embroidery sometimes get in the way of being able to recreate a graphic logo in embroidery. When compared to printing a … Read more

Is there a formula for buying embroidered shirts for a group?

This is another one of those questions we get asked fairly often. A buyer is charged with purchasing 150 logo embroidered shirts for a group. But there won’t be an opportunity to get individual sizes ahead of time. So it begs the question in the title of this article. In general the answer is yes. … Read more