What colors are popular for trade show “uniforms” today?

Its trade show season-that time of year where people flock to warmer climates to learn about new advances in their industry and show off their wares to others.

Trade shows are a great way for companies to meet a lot of potential customers in a very casual and non-threating environment. Some trade shows draw thousands of people providing vendors with lots of opportunities to connect with potential customers.

So, your company is going to exhibit at a trade show. Hundreds or even thousands of people will be in attendance, walking by your booth. There will be a great opportunity to connect with a lot of potential customers.

However, chances are pretty good you will not be the only vendor at the show. Most likely you will have some competition.

So how do you stand out? How can you draw the attention of customers and get noticed in that sea of people?

One of the best strategies to draw attention to your team is to all be wearing logo embroidered shirts. It will clearly identify you as a member of that team associated with the same company. OK, that’s a good start, but nearly everyone who is exhibiting at a trade show is wearing some kind of logo embroidered apparel.

In that case, many companies have taken it one step further to select shirt colors that will help them stand out. So it begs the question, “What are the best colors of logo embroidered shirts to wear at a trade show?”

The brighter the color, the more booth staffers stand out as a team, so they can be found anywhere in the booth or on the floor.  They are sometimes called “Crayola colors.”  The brighter, the better.

Ideally you choose a bright color that compliments your brand and logo, but that should not be too much of a problem as you can find just about any bright color can work with a logo.

We have even seen companies have success with using a different bright color every day of the show.   That strategy works well if you are at a show where the attendees are there for a few days vs. a show were the attendees come once and don’t come back.

It can be more expensive to choose a different color for each day, but it works to draw more people’s attention to your booth.

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