What is color blocking on polo shirts?

Like just about everything else in our world, there is constant change in fashion.  New styles, new colors, the changing taste from consumers all drive changes in fashion.  That is true as well for the custom logo embroidered apparel as well.  The latest trend in style in this market is something called color blocking.

In the past, designers used stripes or tipping as way to add color and boldness to polo shirts.  Now they have expanded the size of those accents from lines and stripes into blocks of color.

Color blocking pairs bold color combinations in high-contrast shades, color blocking creates an eye-catching style. And while it can look a bit like modern art, colors and combinations, color blocking can easily become a part of your wardrobe – and your business!

There are a number of exciting styles that for companies and organization to use to promote their business with color blocked items.

There are a number of areas where blocks of colors have been added to create bold designs on shirts.  Areas such as shoulders, side panels, under arms, etc. all make for good areas to add color blocking.

One of the great things about color blocking is the addition of colors that can be used to accent the logo embroidery on the shirt.

Here is a new style by NIKE that makes extensive use of color blocking. The white panel on the left chest makes for a great palette for your embroidered logo.

This is a very common why of color blocking. Here the side panels are created with ast655-polo-shirt-s different color providing a nice color accent that is pleasing to the eye.

Another great use of color blocking is seen here with these color accents on the shoulders of this polo shirt.

A more extreme example of color blocking with this shirt provides a more aggressive example of the style.

Think about active apparel and sideline gear. Team colors often feature a palette of contrasting colors that can pair well or create a pleasant discord.

Why not incorporate all of a team’s colors into a single item, with one primary color and supporting highlights?

And it’s easy to start with something simple – perhaps a black hat with a punch of red – and build up to something a bit more detailed –

Take a look at other examples of how to take advantage of this color blocking trend for your team and sports sales and campaigns.

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