What is that combed cotton used in my polo shirt?

This is another post in the series of questions we get asked. Many cotton polo shirts used for logo embroidered apparel are made of combed cotton. Well, isn’t that nice. What does that mean and does it make a difference in the buying decision for your custom embroidered shirts?

It is actually a very simple question with a very simple answer.

Combing is a process by which the short fibers of a yarn are removed and the remaining longer fibers are arranged in parallel order for a high quality yarn with excellent strength, fineness and uniformity.

The combs used have long metal teeth, and only barely resemble the comb used on hair. However, they are used in a similar fashion with one comb holding the fiber while the other is moved through the cotton fibers.

Combed cotton is used for quality fabric with high thread counts like apparel, linens and other items make with fine cotton.

When it comes to logo embroidered polo shirts, the combed cotton makes a softer and more durable fiber. It also provides for a more uniform construction and look in the 244612-polo-shirt-sfabric.

Yes, combed cotton polo shirts are slightly more expensive, but they do provide a great value in return.

A combed cotton polo shirt makes for a great choice when considering options for custom logo embroidery.  And now you know why.

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