What’s the difference between sleeve types on a polo shirt?

It’s not the kind of question one asks every day.  But as fashion trends come and go, the finish on the sleeve of a polo shirt has really brought some attention to those seeking custom logo embroidered apparel.

There are basically two ways to finish a short sleeve on a golf shirt.  For years, a very popular way to finish the has been with a band.

Let’s start with a clarification.  This is a picture of a banded sleeve.  You can see a small band of material is attached at the end of the sleeve that finishes off the sleeve.

The banded sleeve has been around for decades.  It has been the most popular style for finishing off a polo shirt.

The advantage of a banded sleeve is that is finishes off the sleeve.  It creates a uniform look around the arm.

Recently, customers have been asking for short sleeve golf shirts that are finished with a simple hem on the sleeve.

In this picture you can see how a hemmed sleeve it different.  In this case, the shirt maker extended the length of the sleeve, folded that extra material under the sleeve and finished it off with a sewn hem.

The hemmed sleeve is less constrictive, creates a more open look.  As hemmed sleeves first became available, they were mostly found on higher quality golf shirts.  But shirt makers are now introducing them on golf shirts of all price points because buyers have requested it.

The difference in these sleeve styles really comes down to personal preference.  Is there any real difference in performance? No.  It is more about the look you like and the comfort of the shirt.

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