How is a tall size different from a regular size?

If you are a guy who has tried to purchase logo embroidered apparel and you need a tall size, you probably already know the difference between a tall size and regular size. For you, a tall size logo embroidered polo or button down shirt fits better. That is probably about all you need to know. But why does it fit better?

For years, tall men had to suffer with ill-fitting shirts. The sleeves were short and would ride up on wrists and forearms. In addition, the length of a shirt was too short to fully tuck into their pants. Very frustrating. Tall shirts that are longer in the body help cover up a plumber butt. How can that be bad?

In short, a tall size shirt is longer in the sleeves and the body of the shirt. The actual length in which they are longer varies slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. But for the most part it means about an additional 2 inches in the length of the both the sleeve and the body.

There are some men, including me, who are not necessarily considered “tall” but have longer arms. I need a tall size button down shirt for the longer sleeves to fit comfortably on me. It is very frustrating and uncomfortable to wear a shirt when the sleeves are too short. It seems like a small thing, but it makes a huge different in how a shirt looks and feels.

Men who required tall sizes have traditionally been ignored by shirt and apparel manufacturers. The number of styles available in polos, button downs and jackets was very limited. And if there was a style available, it probably only came in a few boring colors-black, white, navy and khaki.

The good news is all of that has changed. There are many more options for tall men to consider. In many more styles and with many more colors. It is now much easier to uniform a whole group in matching shirts that will fit well and look group on a large group of people-all in the color you want and not one you are stuck with.

In addition to tall size polo shirts and button down shirts, there are choices for men in other styles as well like sweatshirts, fleece, t-shirts and jackets for those you want a better and more comfortable fit with their clothing.

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