How long should it take to get an order of logo embroidered apparel?

We live in a “get it now” society. Many things can be downloaded from the Internet instantly. Orders from many companies can be shipped the same or next day. Amazon has changed and is changing the way we order merchandise and how quickly we get it.

With all of that, it begs the question of how long it takes to get an order of logo embroidered apparel. As with most things, the answer is more complicated than the question. But we can make it very simple for you to understand.

The biggest reason is logo embroidered apparel takes longer to create-the fact everything is custom made. Every order that leaves Customized Guys is different because it has a different logo embroidered on it. Many companies the sell the same product, when an order is placed, they simply pull it off the shelf in the warehouse, package it and ship it out.

But because we have to embroider your order with your logo, it would be impossible for us make your custom logo embroidered shirts ahead of time and pull them off the shelf and ship them when and order is placed.

The second reason revolves around cost control and logistics reasons. We don’t inventory any product. When an order is placed, we have to then order those specific shirts from the supplier. While we are able to get those orders in 1 to 3 days, that still takes some time.

Not carrying an inventory saves us a lot of money and allows us keep our prices down. Can you imagine if we had to carry every style in every size and color? Wow, that would be a lot of shirts and a lot of extra costs.

The final reason it can take days to ship out an order is production time. It takes time to receive, sort and prepare garments for logo embroidery even before they are embroidered. Then it takes some time to make sure the logo is going to embroider on the shirts exactly the way you want it to.

At Customized Guys, we are shipping orders of custom embroidered logo apparel in 8 to 10 business days. In this industry that is better than average. Some companies are able to do it a little faster and most not as fast. In fact, almost every day we hear from customers who regularly have to wait 4 weeks or more for their order.

We work very hard to create processes and procedures that keep an order moving through the system as quickly as possible. Yes, when compared to ordering non-custom products, the turnaround time for custom logo embroidered apparel can be longer. But when compared with other companies providing this service, we are doing it faster than most.

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