More logo embroidered apparel available in tall sizes

It never fails, you are charged with purchasing custom logo embroidered shirts for your company. A quick survey of the group reveals that Joe in IT needs a tall size. So you think, “No big deal, there should be plenty of styles available in tall sizes that can be embroidered with our logo.”

Then you go do some research and find out that is really not the case. The number of styles and the variety of colors offered in tall sizes used to be fairly limited. How disappointing.

Well, now all of that has changed.

Clothing manufacturers have come to realize that tall guys want logo embroidered apparel that will fit them and that they are comfortable wearing.

The manufacturers also came to the realization that tall men want to wear more colors than just the standard black, navy and white that had been available in the past.

This fall, Customized Guys added new sections specifically for tall sizes in almost all categories. In addition the number of colors now available in tall sizes has increased significantly.

For items like golf shirts, t-shirts and button down shirts that are short sleeved, the body of the shirt has been extended. In most cases, that extension is about 2 inches.

For things items with long sleeves like button downs, jackets, polos and sweatshirts, both the body length and the sleeve length have been extended.

In the past, we had only two styles of golf polo shirts that were available in tall sizes. Now we have over 20 to choose from. Everything from long sleeve, rapid dry and color block styles are now available in tall sizes. See them there.

The same is true for button downs. Just a few months ago we offered only 3 different styles in tall sizes and those had very limited color options. Now we offer 15 different styles and dozens of different color options. See them here.

When it came to logo embroidered jackets, the selection wasn’t very good. Now we have a dozen tall sizes in nearly every category from lightweight to heavyweight and soft shells.  Find them here.

Polar fleece and sweatshirts now also come in tall sizes. Full zip, quarter zip, hooded, crew neck, there are all available now in tall.  Click here for polar fleece and here for sweatshirts.

And yes, even t-shirts now come in tall sizes. Check them out here.

These offerings all represent our effort to bring our customers more styles, more colors and more choices when it comes of their custom logo embroidered apparel. If you find yourself

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