Buying unisex size polo shirts for women

In the “old days” of custom logo embroidered apparel, women found it difficult to find polo shirts and other items made specifically for their body shapes.  At the time, it was mostly men who wore logo apparel, so the manufacturers made styles mostly for men.

In those cases, women had little choice but to wear men’s sizes and styles.  Most of them didn’t like it, but put up with it because there was little else they could do if they wanted logo embroidered apparel.

Fast forward to today and thankfully that has all changed.  Now a vast majority of shirts and apparel on the market are made with companion styles for both men and women.

However, there are still styles, mostly at the value end of the market, that only come in men’s or unisex sizes.  In those cases, it can be tricky for a woman to get a shirt that is the right size.

This polo shirt is one of those examples. It comes only in a unisex size. There is nothing wrong with the quality or style. It just does not come in a women’s style or cut. Depending on your need, this could be a great solution.

Unisex sizes-styles made for both men and women-are cut differently and will not be as form fitting.  Truth be told, they are cut more for a man’s figure than they are a women’s.  That does not mean they won’t look good on a women, but they probably won’t look great either.

So it begs the question, is there a good rule of thumb for women buying a unisex shirt to find the right fit.  Yes, there is.

Basic rule of thumb is to purchase one size smaller.  For example if you were a large size in a women’s style, purchase a medium in a unisex size.  If you were a small in a women’s size, get an extra small in a unisex.

Thankfully, the days of women having to put up with unisex styles are a thing of the past.

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