Why we love this shirt-K800/L800

All polo shirts available for custom logo embroidery are not created equal. Sure the basic shape, construction, material, etc. are the same. The differences in one polo shirt from the next can seem small but they can make a real difference between one you really like and wear all the time and one you that decorates a wall in your closet.

The K800, and the women’s companion L800, are shirts we really love. They make get choices for any organization looking for good shirts for their embroidered logo. These shirts have a lot of things going for them beyond great looks, a great fit and a great choice for embroidered apparel.

There have been a number of new technological breakthroughs recently that have been applied to this shirt. The biggest breakthrough is in how the cotton is treated. As a nature fiber, cotton has certain characteristics about it. For example, cotton fibers dyed with dark colors like black and navy will fade after a number of washings. Cotton shirts also tend to wrinkle more.

But the maker of the K800/L800 has applied some technical breakthroughs in material treatments that mitigate these issues and have been applied them in this shirt.

It is color fast-it won’t fade. The collar does not curl. It drapes well on the body. The hemmed sleeve gives it a classy look. The material is very soft. And it offers great color selections.

The women’s companion style has some extra features that the ladies will love. It has gentle contoured silhouette that is shaped for a women. It also has a 5-button placket which distinguishes it from other 3-button styles.

The K800 and companion L800 provide great value for any organization seeking good custom logo embroidered apparel. It is a style that looks expensive without being expensive.

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