How long are embroidered logos kept on file?

This is a question that gets asked of us fairly often. It stands to reason, thousands of customers send us their logos for custom embroidered logo apparel. Sometimes a customer has not ordered embroidered polo shirts from us in a while. Now they find a need to order more embroidered shirts, headwear or jackets but want to make sure we still have their logo ready to do for them.

The main reason the question comes up is because there is a cost to setting up and customers don’t want to have to pay for that logo set-up again. At Customized Guys, that cost is $40 for every order less than $300. For any order over $300, the logo set-up fee is waived. Therefore the set-up cost can be avoided if we still have the logo on file.

We have invested a great deal of resources in creating the best embroidered logos for our customers. So we really don’t see any reason to discard or delete any logos with all of that hard work we have into them.

Once a logo is sent to us and we have created it for embroidery we keep it file forever. Said another way, we don’t ever delete any logo files.

So a very simple and relevant question with a very quick and easy answer. We keep everything.

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