What does “wrinkle resistant” mean?

When shopping for custom logo embroidered button down shirts, you will undoubtedly see the term “wrinkle resistant” attached to many different styles. The number of “easy-care” button down shirts and their popularity as logo embroidered shirts has grown significantly over the last few years. In fact, we at Customized Guys sell more easy-care type shirts … Read more

What are fade resistant embroidered polo shirts?

We have all at it happen. That great black or navy logo embroidered polo shirt that you loved and wore all the time now doesn’t look as good as it once did. The black looks more like a dark gray and the navy, well it just doesn’t look like the same deep navy color. When … Read more

How long are embroidered logos kept on file?

This is a question that gets asked of us fairly often. It stands to reason, thousands of customers send us their logos for custom embroidered logo apparel. Sometimes a customer has not ordered embroidered polo shirts from us in a while. Now they find a need to order more embroidered shirts, headwear or jackets but … Read more

Stain resistant logo wear can save your business money

Stain resistant logo embroidered apparel is advancement in technology that can really help your business save money while keeping your employees looking great in front of your customers. For companies with employees who are in situations that are prone to spills and stains on their logo polo or logo button down shirts, stain resistant properties … Read more

4 reasons to use logo embroidered polo shirts to promote your company

Without question, the custom logo embroidered polo shirt is one of the most common pieces of logo apparel worn by people who wish to promote a company or organization. There are certainly other pieces of apparel and items that can be used for custom logo embroidery. But embroidered polo shirts are by far and away … Read more

How long should it take to get an order of logo embroidered apparel?

We live in a “get it now” society. Many things can be downloaded from the Internet instantly. Orders from many companies can be shipped the same or next day. Amazon has changed and is changing the way we order merchandise and how quickly we get it. With all of that, it begs the question of … Read more

How is a tall size different from a regular size?

If you are a guy who has tried to purchase logo embroidered apparel and you need a tall size, you probably already know the difference between a tall size and regular size. For you, a tall size logo embroidered polo or button down shirt fits better. That is probably about all you need to know. … Read more

What does shrink resistant mean?

It’s happened to all of us at some point. We order a custom logo embroidered polo shirt. It arrives and it promptly goes in the wash. Excited, you go to put it on only to find out that is has shrunk and it now too small for you to wear comfortably. Very frustrating, I know. … Read more

Get blank samples of logo embroidered shirts to get the size right

One of the biggest challenges when purchasing custom logo embroidered apparel over the Internet is getting the proper sizing and fit. We at Customized Guys understand that challenge. We want your logo apparel to fit as well as you do. Because when you look good, we look good. One tool that is available for customers … Read more